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In the 1960s Cincinnati had three Mobil 5 star restaurants to New York's two. The queen of the Queen City was The Maisonette, which was awarded a spot in Guinness for having 5 stars longer than any other restaurant in the country - 41 consecutive years. (Sadly, The Maisonette closed in 2005 when the 3rd generation owners decided it was time for a change.)

By the 1980s the other two 5 star restaurants had slipped to 4 stars, but thanks to The Maisonette, Cincinnati still had more 5 stars than Chicago and Los Angeles, which had none. Also, Cincinnati had more three star restaurants (22) than either of those cities.

Currently, there is one AAA 5 diamond restaurant and there seems to be more variety now than ever before in the culinary scene in Cincinnati.

So, yeah, Cincinnati is more than just chili.

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Great read. As someone who moved from NY to Cincinnati I was shocked by how good the food scene was. I do like the Chili but tend to add chipotle style hot sauce for extra smoke and heat. Just last night I was at an amazing Lebanese restaurant. I have otherworldly Mongolian and Nepalese by my office. The Bahn Mi place by my house is fantastic. The quality of the meat and produce is much higher as well. Having a pork chop here is like eating a different animal completely. The chicken from the Amish farms has so much more flavor. It's really a foodie town.

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Great article! Thank you. I’m in Charleston, SC so am familiar with great seafood but I enjoy learning about other cities’ food specialties as well. Never been to Cincinnati but if I go I’ll look forward to sampling their chili!

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Great post! I’ve got a Super (Snack) Bowl I’m mentioning tomorrow — head to head LA vs Cincinnati treats 😂 🏈

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